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Solutions and experiences for individuals from Quantum Care

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We believe in your uniqueness! Therefore,

all of our holistic solutions and experiences are

person-centered, trauma-informed, accessible & equity-focused.

Our Quantum Care practices aim to support the physical, mental, emotional, social & spiritual wellbeing of our clients.

Solutions and experiences for individuals from Quantum Care
Solutions and experiences for teams and organizations from Quantum Care
Experiences and solutions for conferences and events from Quantum Care

Quantum Leap Coaching [all ages]


A Neuroscience based educational coaching experience
Duration: 1 season = 13 weeks
Focus: Transform your habits & understand your systems.

We intersect ancient traditions with modern science-based practices of living, to offer you a toolkit of sustainable & accessible resources that support a more balanced and purposeful lifestyle.

Quantum Wellness Coaching [50+]


An informative coaching experience for older adults & seniors who desire to embrace sustainable healthy habits that can prolong their independent and purposeful living.

A supporting solution based in prevention, for those who seek to explore new ways of being healthy, more active, and more motivated to care for themselves.

Private & Public Classes


Movement Therapy | Mindful Movement | Breathwork
Mindfulness | Meditation [in Stillness & in Motion]
Yoga [Vinyasa Flow, Therapeutic Yin, Desk Yoga, Sufi Yoga]
Meridian Therapy [Traditional Chinese Medicine]
Acupressure & Self Massage | Sound Healing  
Nature Exercises | Forest Baths | Compassionate Movement


Wellness & Movement Breaks


Elevate the self-care practices of your community by adding this meaningful, energizing, engaging, enjoyable & beneficial experience into your event, conference, festival or meeting!

Neuroscience-based movement sequences that are tailored to reduce physical, mental & emotional tensions/stresses, while fostering the holistic wellbeing of attendees


Experiential Learning


Cultivate sustainable Self & Collective care practices while learning daily skills that will help navigate stress, prevent burnouts and balance the Self-Life-Work flow of active participants.

Our offerings will be tailored to meet our clients where they’re at.



Move & Motivate Storytelling


From small gatherings to sold-out arenas, our Quantum Care team sparks an internal light of meaningful change!

Our signature public speaking engagements are rooted in science & cultural storytelling. We empower, inspire, engage, mobilize & motivate your community activate the hidden gems of their human potential

Why Quantum Care?

Our Quantum Care team utilize their combined talents, knowledge, skills & unique backgrounds to serve the common purpose of activating the healing and thriving powers of our complex human system. 

We lead and coach a sustainable growth-approach to exploring  connection to Self, others, ancestors, younger generations, environment, and all beings everywhere. By utilizing the existing resources while building on assets, purpose and passion life. With Quantum Care experience we aim to build on your existing intelligence both emotionally and intellectually while establishing new  neural connections into developing an emotional, physical, social & cognitive intelligence.
With respect to circumstances that we can’t control!

Our service design, delivery & evaluation methodology is structured through the modern and ancient sciences, life systems, and the big picture of our unity,

Movement, and ancient healthy practices that bridge between the wisdom of Mesopotamia and modern North American lifestyles, rooted in Mindfulness, Yoga, & Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Whether collectively or individually, we {Eda & Masa} have been leading impactful & sustainable positive change that is anchored in long-lasting practices.

Service work is our passion, and we look forward to the prospect of working with you!

Let’s explore


your vision!

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