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We coach to activate the healer and leader within for sustainable healthy living, aligning with our 7 pillars & values.

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modalities summary:

Behavioural Psychology, Embodied Self Awareness, Mindfulness, Meditation, Compassionate Listening, Mindful Movement, Yoga, Meridian Therapy (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Acupressure, Self-Massage, Compassionate Movement, Sound Therapy, Earth Medicine, Breathing Techniques, Storytelling.

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Individuals | Teams & Organizations | Conferences & Events

Therapeutic Classes

Explore private and group holistic sessions to enhance overall health and wellbeing.
Mindfulness, Yoga, Meridian Therapy (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Acupressure, Sound Therapy, Compassionate Movement, Forest Baths.

Quantum Care Coaching

Activate the healer and leader within through neuroscience-based coaching and mentorship programs.

Tailor design for individuals and groups.

Wellness Rooms

Bring self and collective wellbeing to the heart of your event, conference or work/home space.

Experience calming, grounding and science-based space design.

Interactive Skill-Building Workshops

Learn and practice research-based tools to cultivate Self-Life-Work Balance and maintain sustainable healthy habits. Self Care & Collective Wellbeing, Stress Management, Burnout and Injury Prevention, and more.

Speaking Engagements

Motivate your community and journey through a dynamic storytelling art, in motion.

Tailored to the theme of your occasion.

Wellness & Movement Breaks

Support the wellbeing of your community with accessible and enjoyable healthy breaks, using the modalities of our Therapeuticย Sessions.ย 
For meetings, conferences and events.

Our 7 Pillars & Values

Neuroscience based practice with Quantum Care. A hand with a hovering visual of a brain, connected through many dots

We empower and support our clients to take charge of their own health, well-being, intentional living and meaningful growth.


We understand that every body and every mind is different, and we try our best to design and deliver services with such an understanding of diversity and intentional inclusion.


We work with the whole of our clients in a holistic way – past and present- listening to them compassionately and without assumptions, and co-creating solutions according to where they are at.


We believe that most of the illnesses, diseases and injuries are preventable. Our vision is to promote preventive health as a way of living.


We rely on scientific research when offering Quantum Care.


We help our clients establish self-care and intentional-growth practices that are easy to implement in daily lives, reliable and practical!


We, as humans, learn, heal and live well when we enjoy life and its tasks at hand! Our Coaching Team ensures that our offerings are enjoyable for most!

Quantum Care Team

Quantum Care is co-led by two purpose-driven women; activists, community developers, coaches and change makers Eda Ertan (Health Scientist), and Masa Kateb (Storyteller).

Carrying the traditions and cultures of our homelands in Turkey & Syria,
we are dedicated to meaningful living; investing our collective education, skills, experiences and passions into transforming perspectives -and practices- on holistic health, physical movement, personal & professional development, and overall growth.

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We design experiences and solutions that address your unique challenges; and are in alignment with your vision, goals, and budget.


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